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Knetex means textile recycling in the 3rd generation. We collect, sort, store and transport resources.

Reasonableness towards resources.
Respect for the environment.
Appreciative towards people.

Nahaufnahme Durchblick durch einen grünen Ärmel

Motivation What drives us

With our work, we don't improve the whole world on our own — but we do an important part. We succeed in doing this by ensuring that textiles get to where they are needed, protecting the environment and its resources.

Nahaufnahme grüne Kleidung mit Rillenstruktur

Vision How you benefit through us

We work transparently and fairly with all our partners by creating accurate weighing records, issuing credit notes and compiling monthly reports of collection statistics. Through our emergency service, we are always on call, respond quickly and meet deadlines and agreements.

Nahaufnahme einer grünen Stoffstruktur

What we do

We enable textile recycling by collecting old clothes and ensure a stable process chain from delivery to collection to sorting / recycling of used textiles.

The knetex story


Knebel Textilrecycling Gründer

Founding of the company at Kölner Str. 119, Attendorn. At that time knetex was responsible for 200 old clothes containers in Germany.

knetex set an important milestone in 2008 with the construction of a new hall in Attendorn (Bahnstraße 1).

Bau einer Halle mit Krah



Mehrere knetex Mitarbeiter befördern Altkleidersäcke

Since 2020, swap bodies have been purchased successively. The knetex contingent now consists of 200+ swap bodies.

More than 70 employees currently work for knetex. The knetex team is now responsible for over 5,000 used clothing containers. Our company now has two 40-ton trucks in order to be able to cope with the high volume of transport in the future.

knetex Mitarbeiterin steht im Magazin und ein weiterer Mitarbeiter steht davor



Geschäftsführer Maximilian De Witte sitzt im Büro und telefoniert

We are doing justice to the steady growth of our company with an expansion. A new building is planned for 2023/2024.

knetex Mitarbeiter öffnet die Tür eines eigenen Altkleidercontainers

Emptying the used clothes container

Geschäftsführer Maximilian De Witte sitzt im Büro und telefoniert
knetex Mitarbeiter steht vor einer Maschine und bedient diese
Grauner Sprinter mit grüner knetex Folierung

We are certified

By creating these conditions, anyone who brings us clothing or drops it in one of our containers can be assured that the textiles will be properly reused or recycled.


Due to EU Regulation No. 1013/2006, the law to promote recycling management and ensure environmentally friendly management of waste (Recycling Management Act – KrWG) has applied to us since February 24th, 2012.

Conservation of resources

According to §1, the purpose of this law is to promote recycling management to protect natural resources and to ensure the protection of people and the environment in the generation and management of waste.

Economic cycle

Waste within the meaning of this law is any substance or object that the original owner wants or has to dispose of. It is classified between waste for recovery and waste for disposal. Old textiles are considered waste for recycling, which they are fed back into the economic cycle.

Annual examination

Once a year, an auditor from the technical monitoring company comes to our house and checks the year's events for correctness and completeness. By creating these conditions, anyone who throws clothing into one of our containers can be sure that the textiles will be used or recycled properly.

You can trust these numbers

> 60

Full-time jobs directly at knetex. More jobs are created by our work due to the transport routes and sorting plants.

1 Million

Kilograms of old clothes are collected by us every year. That is just as many kilograms less waste that would otherwise have ended up in the garbage can.

more then 5.000

We have set up used clothing containers throughout Germany. These hold approx. 150 kg each and are emptied weekly as standard.


Kilograms of CO2 reduction per day through resource savings due to the recycled amount of textiles by knetex


In emergencies, we are always available for our customers and partners. It doesn't matter whether it's a weekday or a holiday, day or night. You can count on us!

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