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Organization of municipal used clothing containers.
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Simple processing.
100% reliable.

When it comes to textile recycling, we are your partner: certified, careful and responsible. We would be happy to take part in your tender. Simply contact us by mail or phone. Nationwide, more than X cities and municipalities trust us.

We know: A stable process chain and regular container emptying are top priorities for you. This is exactly what knetex has been offering for more than 50 years.

We are certified

Durch die Schaffung dieser Voraussetzungen kann jeder, der uns Kleidung bringt oder diese in einen unserer Container einwirft sicher sein, dass die Textilien ordnungsgemäß weiterverwendet oder verwertet werden.


Due to EU Regulation No. 1013/2006, the law to promote recycling management and ensure environmentally friendly management of waste (Recycling Management Act – KrWG) has applied to us since February 24th, 2012.

Conservation of resources

According to §1, the purpose of this law is to promote recycling management to protect natural resources and to ensure the protection of people and the environment in the generation and management of waste.

Economic cycle

Waste within the meaning of this law is any substance or object that the original owner wants or has to dispose of. It is classified between waste for recovery and waste for disposal. Old textiles are considered waste for recycling, which they are fed back into the economic cycle.

Annual examination

Once a year, an auditor from the technical monitoring company comes to our house and checks the year's events for correctness and completeness. By creating these conditions, anyone who throws clothing into one of our containers can be sure that the textiles will be used or recycled properly.

Our customers & partners

We live for the long term in all areas. That is why we focus on long-term cooperation with our partners and customers. Values like reliability and transparency are part of our Knetex DNA. For this reason, containers are weighed on site when they are emptied, we document the collection quantities in reports and create credit notes for associations and charitable organizations.

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Our services,
Your advantages

  • Container foiled in knetex branding. If desired, one side of the container can be foiled with your motif. The city logo is placed visibly on all sides.

  • The emptying of the containers is possible in weekly or bi-weekly intervals.

  • The cleaning of your pitch, should it be dirty during the emptying.

  • If the container threatens to overflow or valuables have been accidentally thrown in, we are available 24/7 by phone and will be on site within 12 hours

  • We provide you with weighing certificates including annual reports so that you can transparently track the collected quantities

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