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Recycling instead of destruction

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Destroy residual items instead of recycling because disposal is more economical than reprocessing or reuse

This handling is no longer legally compliant with the new edition of the Recycling Management Act since the end of 2020.

From 2025, additional disposal fees will be incurred by companies.

knetex takes care of the professional and sustainable recycling of textile returns, goods with production defects, overproduction, reclamation goods documents these and issues proofs for your company.

These are prepared for removal and are given a second chance.

Large quantities

knetex also accepts large quantities of remnants. Talk to our team about it in time, so you make the planning easier for the team.


You pack, knetex picks up. The process is as simple as that. For very large quantities, we provide swap bodies.


Everything ready for pickup? Then our knetex team will pick up your goods at the desired location after consultation.


knetex takes over the inspection and sorting of the goods. These are prepared for export and given a second chance.


To meet your requirements, knetex creates specific residual item certificates that certify sustainable recycling.

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