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Knetex stands for careful textile recycling.

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We have been collecting and recycling clothes and shoes since 2001.

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knetex Mitarbieter steht mit Altkleidern vor einer Sortiermaschine

We provide our customers with lockable used clothing containers with a capacity of up to 150 kg. Currently, we have over 5000 used clothing containers located throughout the country.

The textile products or waste collected at the collection points are transported directly to the knetex plant using the wooden method.

Our sorting staff only carry out coarse sorting at the plant. This means that clothing, shoes, feathers, and so-called discards (residual waste) are separated according to the criteria "recyclable" or "non-recyclable". The material fractions produced are then supplied to bulk buyers, who finish treating them in their recycling plants and then return them to the materials cycle as secondary raw materials. The foreign materials sorted out are disposed of in a verifiable manner.

> 30.000 t

We collect old clothes and shoes every year, preventing over 30,000 tons of residual waste.

27.000 L

Every kilo of reused textile saves 27,000 liters of drinking water that would be needed in the production of cotton

10.000 t

We collect used clothes and shoes every year, preventing over 100 MILLION kilos of residual waste.

Textile recycling makes a significant contribution to environmental protection

Due to changing fashion trends and the constantly increasing demand for new clothing, the industry is producing more and more clothing worldwide. The production of clothing requires valuable resources. The high water consumption in the cultivation of cotton affects the climate just as much as the long transport routes of the materials that are needed for the production of clothing.

Contribute to environmental protection and do not dispose of your worn clothing in the household waste. Textile recycling saves a lot of valuable raw materials and thus sustainably protects the environment.

Our contribution to environmental protection

The recycling and reuse of old clothes creates added social value

At knetex, we pre-sort the collected old textiles by hand. More than half of the clothing can be worn again and finds a new market worldwide as secondhand clothing. A few percent of the total amount is recycled as cleaning rags. If that is not possible, the textiles are fed to the automotive industry as insulation material. Only a small part of the textiles is used for energy generation. Around 2% of the collected used textiles are stored in a disaster storage facility in case of an emergency.

Our social commitment

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reuse second-hand clothing



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Utilization as recycled fiber (wool/insulation materials)



Misdirected waste (garbage): Energy recovery

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